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I have been writing and drawing from the age of seven. As I have keened both skills, I have made a choice to offer these skills to the public. I have already driven the need to write and draw, so my resources are full. I
am moving full speed now. My education has always been self inflicted.

I have written and edited a newsetter for Compassionate Friends, they are a self-help grievance group that help parents cope with the loss of a child. It was a very rewarding experience.

I have for the last five years, created poetic dedications on contract with artwork. I have always written poetry, but recently I figured out my expression could be even more fulfilled by writing short stories and even novels once I develop the skills needed.

I have learned Elfish writing, working on pronunciation. Learning Latin
(Great for English). And I'm always studying History and Religions.

My ambitions are to write wonderful stories for the readers
satisfaction. I love a good book.

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Kim Durbin
PO Box 162
Fort Scott KS 66701


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